Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saving $$$

I love Albertsons when I have coupons. I really hope they don't go on strike, which is what the morning news tells me may be happening soon. Today I got the items I "needed" and this was the pleasant result:

Today I went to Khol's with a $10 "gift card" that came in the mail. It said it would work on everything including sales and clearance items but I had my reservations.
However, after scoping what I wanted out this past weekend I picked out the items I wanted and headed to the check out. The results were impressive by any standards:

And this afternoon I will be going to buffalo wild wings (my favoriteee) and using a coupon for 6 free wings. I'm bummed its not Tuesday because they have $.35 wings, but I want to show this amazing place to my friend so we are going to go watch the Padres game there. Admittedly, an hour drive to go use one coupon seems silly. However, the added perk is going to see my sister that lives down the street once I'm up there, her and all the furry kids! and since she is my long-distance running parter, perhaps we will go on a little run to work off the hot wings :)

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